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For over 25 years, Advantage Plumbing, Inc. has provided professional plumbing services to customers in Sanford, FL, and across Central Florida. We are proud to be the company commercial and residential customers across Seminole County trust for reliable, convenient, and professional plumbing services. We are committed to providing competitively priced services and keep customer service at the heart of every job we do.

Committed to Quality Service & Long Lasting Results

Through the years, our company has grown but our commitment to the highest quality services has remained the same. To ensure each customer receives timely and efficient repairs, we use parts and fixtures from select vendors that are designed to last beyond the average standards.

A: A whole house re-pipe is recommended, generally, because of the deterioration of the existing water piping system OR because of recall information on outdated water piping systems. Most times a re-pipe estimate is sought out due to recurring leaks or as a recommendation from a home inspector or insurance representative.

If your home has Copper water piping, over time, the pressure of the water coupled with minerals within the water, cause pinhole leaks. Once one pinhole is created by natural causes in the copper piping it is prime indication that the piping needs to be replaced. The second leak could occur hours after the first leak was repaired or months later, but understand, it is just a matter of time.

If your home has CPVC water piping, over time, the piping becomes brittle due to elements within the environment. Excessive heat and cold are the most common cause of CPVC turning into a peanut brittle like compound. When CPVC becomes brittle, it cracks under pressure and stress. When cracks occur, everything around gets very wet, very fast. When brittle CPVC cracks, the amount of water that it produces is usually far more than a pinhole that is created in copper piping. Do not take any chances with brittle CPVC.

If your home has Polybutylene water piping, chances are it is still in good condition, if you live in warmer areas. However, there was a recall many years ago on this piping. In areas where temperatures fall beneath the freezing level, this piping often cracks. The recall is effective in the US. This does not mean that if you have Poly piping you must get your house re-piped. However, if you plan to sell your home you will be required by the buyers insurance to update your water piping system, in order to obtain fair market value.

If your home has Pex-B or Uponor (Pex-A) water piping you are good to go for the near future. Most homes are re-piped with these two types of piping due to the flexibility and versatility of the piping. Uponor is the most recognizable Pex-A piping system on the market.

A: A water heater’s life varies, depending on the type of water heater, the quality of the unit, and how well it has been maintained.

Traditional tank-type water heaters last on average from 8 to 12 years. Naturally, over time corrosion can build inside the tank, which happens when the internal anode rod fails to protect the interior lining from corrosive particles. At this point, the water heater is considered in its final stages of service.

Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years, maybe longer. Whereas these water heaters may cost more up front as they are considered “on demand” in their performance, meaning they do not work continuously to maintain the supply of hot water, they also suffer from corrosion and will require replacement.

Start thinking about replacing your water heater two years before the end of its predicted lifespan.

Quick Tip! You can check you existing water heater’s serial number to know how old it is.

The serial number, which consists of a letter followed by a series of numbers, is located on the upper portion of the water heater. Typically, the letter stands for the month—“A” for January, “B” for February, and so on, through “L” for December—and the next two numbers indicate the year it was made. A serial number that leads with “A10,” for example, was manufactured in January 2010. This rule of thumb applies to most hot water heater manufacturers, but you can confirm this on the company’s website if you have any doubts.

A:The best, most versatile and reliable water piping system on the market is Uponor (Pex-A)

Uponor piping system will cost more up front than CPVC or Pex-B. This is because it is far more durable, versatile and dependable than its competitors.

Uponor is a perfect example of you get what you pay for in life. Try it out. You will not be disappointed.

A: Water heaters come factory set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit but can be adjusted to as high as 160 degrees.

If you like extra hot showers and dish water 140 degrees is a very agreeable temperature.

If you have young children, who could potentially scald themselves, it is not recommended to set your heater temperature over the factory set 120 degrees.

A: If you run out of hot water there may be a few things going on.

Top and bottom heating elements and thermostats are installed in all tank type heaters at the factory. If one of them goes bad, it will affect the longevity of your hot water OR may leave you with no hot water at all.

Tank type heater pull hot water from the top of the heater. If you have hot water but it runs out far quicker than normal, your bottom element is bad. Your top element is heating the top half of the water but once that supply is gone, you run out. Any time you change one element it is a good idea to change them both. Same goes for your thermostats. The new product will drain the life out of the existing product over time. This may occur within hours or months but understand that it is just a matter of time.

If your heating elements and thermostats are all in good condition and working properly then you are simply using more hot water than you have. Larger tanks, hybrid heaters and tankless heaters are all available to combat this issue.

A: Three different culprits generally create low water pressure.

Your main water source may not be providing you with the appropriate volume of water to create the preferred pressure. If your main water supply is a deep or shallow well then you may need a booster pump installed to obtain the amount of pressure you would like.

If you are on a city water meter and live in a very highly populated community, in peak use hours (7-9 am & 6-8 pm), you may have lower water pressure than expected. In lower use hours, your water pressure may be higher as the demand of your neighbors is less.

Minerals that are found in your water will clog up your faucets aerators and your shower heads over time, as well. Replacing aerators and shower heads, in older houses, just might give you the additional pressure you are looking for.

A: If your toilet is consistently refilling the water supply within its tank (running…) then one of three things are happening. All of these things are common issues for most types of toilets.

1. Your fill valve needs an adjustment to lower the amount of water inside the tank. This may be the case if you have just moved into a new house.

2. Your fill valve has stopped working properly and needs to be replaced by a licensed plumber.

3. Your flapper has become inundated with water, over time, and has lost the ability to make a proper seal.

The repair process for all of these issues should be addressed by a licensed plumber, as if not done properly, you could create a flood. If you are a handy homeowner, after seeing it done by a professional, you may be able to tackle it yourself the next time it happens.

A: Garbage disposals are intended to handle small amounts of food or waste products that need to be minced before they are introduced into the drainage system. Most products that are intended for human consumption, in small amounts, can be inserted into a garbage disposal. Protein, dairy, vegetables, fruits, sugars and starches are all fine, in moderation.

Bones, tough skins, pits and cores of certain fruits and vegetables will cause your disposal blades to grind and then be stuck.

Uncooked starches like rice and pasta should never be inserted into your garbage disposal in bulk. They will blow up when mixed with water and cause a severe back up.

A: Drains are clogged due to an accumulation of foreign substances that are entered into a drainage system. Toothpaste, grease and hair are three very popular causes of clogged drains. Over time, these things collect on the interior lining of your drainage pipe and cause stoppages.

Keep your plumbing primed. By that, we mean use it. Run more water than you think you should when you are brushing your teeth and cleaning up the kitchen. Be mindful of what you are introducing to your drainage system and you will be satisfied with how efficiently it works. You must use your plumbing system if you intend for it to work properly for you and your family.

A: Many types of toilets exist for the consumer these days.

Most manufacturers have round, elongated, comfort height, dual flush, power assisted flush and water saving options available, in multiple colors.

Wall hung, flush valve, urinals and bidets are available on a commercial and residential scale.

Some toilets these days also light up, have Bluetooth capabilities, clean themselves and clean you if you ask them nicely enough.

There is a toilet available for everyone. It just depends on how fancy you intend to be.

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For every job we perform, there is a 1-year extended warranty on materials installed and a 2-year warranty on craftsmanship.

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As a locally owned company, we treat our employees like family and care for each home or property we service as if it is our own. Your needs and budget matter to our team. We work hard to maintain overhead below the industry average, which helps us pass the savings onto our customers. Additionally, we train each employee to implement industry best practices on every job and treat them like partners in our business.

We believe that empowering our workforce helps them take pride in their work and find satisfaction in the jobs they perform. It is this dedication to customer and employee satisfaction that allowed us to grow throughout the years.

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